Let's remove the politics from our movement

Stand for the anthem and let us speak for you. We are the only brand that can juxtapose what we stand for and why we kneel.

Our Drive

A Just Cause

Those who chose to ignore social injustice have likely never been a victim of this oppressive behavior.  To be made to feel like a second-class citizen is not what we define as "American".

 It's Time To Heal For It!

The American Dream

We all want to live the American Dream but for some we live in a nightmare.  Those living in under-served communities and those feeling the oppressive strain of social injustice struggle to understand, let alone realize, this dream.  Wake up America.

           It's Time To Feel For It!

Unity regardless of community

We are witnessing separatist like actions at the heads of our government like never before.  The divisive nature of our politics has become stagnant and this is felt the worst by the underserved and impoverished.  It is meaningless to debate the merits of whether their actions are deliberate or not. Debating is pointless if your voice isn't heard. The proper course of action is to get active. Help us spread the word. Join our movement!

        It's Time To Kneel For It!

Our Brand

The Meaning

Our brand is meant to bring together both the symbolic act of standing and the now nationally recognized act of kneeling.  We purposefully draw this comparison together.  We believe that you can stand for those things we hold true as American's (Liberty, Justice, Equality, the flag, etc..) while exercising our right to protest and speak out for those being persecuted or blatantly underserved.

If the players who are united in this cause simply stopped kneeling during the anthem and stand as they always have the argument gets removed.  Players standing side by side with a towel or headband displaying a kneelforit image says  it all.  This can be worn or held by all players and coaching staff, even those who may not have felt comfortable kneeling during the anthem.  We can single handedly grow this cause and raise the level of attention without the unnecessary scrutiny.

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